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JazzCats Lounge Trio for your Events

The JazzCats transport you into the realm of timeless melodies, making them the perfect choice for elegant events and unforgettable moments. Featuring Gerald on the piano, Celly on the saxophone, and Gernot on the double bass, we delve into the allure of jazz standards, smooth jazz, and acid jazz. Our music creates the ideal ambiance for hotels, corporate events, wedding celebrations, cocktail receptions, gala evenings, art exhibitions, or your private gathering.



Whether in the background to set a relaxed atmosphere or in the spotlight to captivate your guests, the JazzCats Trio, which has performed together for 2 months on the ship MS Europa 2, combines creativity, professionalism, and passion to turn every moment into an unforgettable experience. Book the JazzCats Trio for your upcoming events and let yourself be enchanted by our passion for music. 🎷🎹🎶

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