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Lessons for Saxophone, Flute and Recorder

I find great joy in introducing both children and adults to the world of music. Together, we choose cool pieces for the saxophone or flute and play music from various genres (Pop, Jazz, Funk, etc.). From a variety of songs and pieces, including playbacks of various music styles, we playfully and enjoyably explore the instrument in a safe teaching environment. My expertise lies in Jazz, R&B, Funk, and the associated improvisation. I aim to impart the feeling and freedom of self-expression, providing people with moments where they can express their emotions musically.

In my music lessons, your joy in learning the instrument takes precedence. You don't always have to be perfectly prepared (though I am, of course, happy if you've practiced :)). Together, we create a pleasant music lesson that sets aside the stresses of everyday life, allowing us to find harmony in music.

If you're interested, I'm happy to show you how to:

  • improvise over chords

  • improvise with different scales

  • refine rhythmic playing

  • vary melodies

  • play a second voice

  • play in different genres like Funk, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Bossa, Latin, etc.

  • create effects like Growling, False Fingering, Altissimo, Flatter Tongue on the sax, and more.

In addition to saxophone lessons, I also offer Quizlet courses for those interested in jazz theory. Quizlet is an app or website where various topics can be playfully learned with flashcards.

Lessons take place in Mödling, at my home in the music room. If someone doesn't have an instrument yet, I'm happy to advise on purchasing or renting. For the first trial lesson, an instrument is available at my place.

My motto is: It's never too late to learn an instrument.

If you feel like trying something new, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm also happy to offer a trial lesson for getting to know each other and trying things out.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Contact me.


25 min = 30,-

50min = 40,-

5er Block 50min = 180,-

10er Block 50min = 340,-

Just do it! And integrate music in your life!

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